About us

Architect Albert Galstyan realized back in 2008 that it’s high time for him to establish his own interior design studio, and after a while launched FUTURIS HOME. Designer Hovnan Shahbazyan joined him in 2010, and the two have been developing and expanding the studio ever since.

One of the studio’s mottos is the belief that the environment you live and work in, design and attention to details are changing the quality of life for the better, while the principal task  is to have the customer satisfied. So it was in the beginning, and nothing has changed today.

Throughout the six years that followed a number of modelers, structural engineers, architects and designers also joined the team. FUTURIS HOME specialists are first and foremost masters with a subtle sense of taste who do not impose but rather offer options, since their task is to help clients realize their ideas. The  team always listen to customers, and only afterwards do they offer proposals to help them find and choose the most suitable and attractive design option.

During this period, the studio has managed to create more than 100 projects, including the interiors of Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel and RIO trade and entertainment center in Yerevan. Also, the team have designed the interior and exterior of sports and wellness center Reebok Sports Club Armenia, as well as the Malocco Café and a host of other public and private premises.

The studio cooperates with such major companies as Tashir Group, Tiger Group, Famille and Gazprom Armenia CJSC.

An integral part of the work is the photorealistic rendering, without which the client wouldn’t have a complete picture of the future interior. Considering the 3D design visualization, the customer sees the future interior  in detail with appropriate lighting and furnishings.

The team can also work with the “saving mode” on, which will not hinder them from creating a unique, comfortable and attractive design.

The studio provides efficient execution of work as quickly as possible, without delay and rush in the course of achieving the objectives. The team display a professional and individual approach to each client and project, thus ensuring exclusivity.

FUTURIS HOME architects and designers realize the most daring ideas. Work will not begin until peculiarities of the worksite and its architectural characteristics are thoroughly studied.

To ascertain the truth of the abovesaid, you are welcome to visit the Our Projects section, which contains a variety of options for interior and exterior design.

Above all, FUTURIS HOME team keep moving forward, working on professional development and enhancing creativity, following innovations and fashion trends.

By trusting FUTURIS HOME, you won’t have to worry about the result: it will exceed your expectations.